Ryan Collinson is a designer who specializes in designs that emphasize his ability to draw with traditional media.

He began drawing at an early age inspired from different cartoons and video games. At the age of fifteen, he entered Art Instruction School’s “Draw Me” competition and won a two year scholarship from this art school. This was when he felt that God was leading him to pursue a career in art. After finishing the Art Instruction School’s two year program, he enrolled into Pensacola Christian College and is currently anticipating graduation in 2013 with a B.S. in Visual Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. Ryan enjoys many kinds of art both on and off the canvas. One of his hobbies is skateboarding, which has had a definitive role in his design and art style. Ryan is also involved in the art of music and plays guitar as another one of his hobbies.

The art Ryan specializes in is mostly hand rendered graphics (pencil and paper, pen and ink) that is brought into the computer and digitally colored. This is a result of his years of drawing experience and passion for drawing. He is also a Christian, which has also had a great impact on his art and design style.  It also has greatly impacted the messages behind his art and design. Ryan lives in Greenwood Wisconsin.

Artist’s Statement

My work is mostly created by combining both the traditional media with the technology of digital. This comes from my love for drawing, and my studies in the graphic design courses.

My love for paper and pencil came from my experiences as a kid. I did not have money for expensive artist equipment, or the patience for painting, so I would draw on paper with pencils all the time. I would spend at least an hour or two a day just drawing. I remember when I was about 14, all I really did for a whole year was basically draw for fun. I was inspired by cartoons of all kinds, and dreamed that one day I might be able to create my own. It was then when I received an advertisement for the Art Instruction School’s “Draw Me” competition. I entered, and was surprised to find a few months later that I had won a two year scholarship to the school. This was when I felt that God was leading me to pursue art as a career of some kind. I continued to learn from Art Instruction Schools until I graduated in 2009.

After graduation, I began my studies in graphic design at Pensacola Christian College where I learned how to use many of the Adobe Suite creative programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. After learning these programs I began to combine my drawing skills with my new digital skills to produce some of my work. Apart from drawing; skateboarding, snowboarding, and music have had an influence on my work as well. There is a lot of art and design that is a part of the skateboard industry, which has inspired many of my designs. My training at school has also helped me to learn how to be flexible and design for the needs of the client.

The design work I love to create is anything that is fun, illustrative, and allows me to use my “cartoony” style of drawing. Although this is my favorite kind of design work, my assignments at school and my internships have helped me learn how to be flexible. Most if not all my work comes from sketches and working out ideas on paper. Being able to use those drawing skills learned as a kid has been a definite asset in becoming a graphic designer.